Eligibility: You can make a reservation from anywhere in the world though purchase terms, delivery terms and delivery timeline may vary depending on the region you are in. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation, purchase and delivery if we consider it appropriate in the circumstances.

Reserve Early! If you are interested to purchase a Zapp then we encourage you to make a reservation as early as possible since we anticipate heavy demand and deliveries will be made on a first come first served basis.

Delivery and Order Fulfilment: For those reserving a Zapp we will aim to deliver the vehicle to you as soon as possible depending on the region you are in. We will contact you

Effective Date: Your reservation becomes effective when (1) you place your reservation and (2) we receive your reservation payment. We reserve the right to assign your purchase order to any one of our companies within the Zapp Group to fulfill your order. There may be minor differences in design details between the i300 as shown in pictures on our website and the actual model delivered to you but the overall specifications and general look of the i300 will remain unchanged.

You Have Chosen to reserve: the i300 with a reservation payment of $100 if made from within the US and Canada or £100 if made from within the UK or €100 if made from elsewhere.

No Obligation to Buy: By making a reservation you are not required to complete a purchase and you may cancel your reservation at any time by contacting us. The reservation fee is fully refundable.

Prices: The total price of the i300 is may vary by regions. In the EU and the UK, the quoted price is all-inclusive and has already factored in the cost of VAT, delivery charges and will also cover the registration fee, documentation fee, number plate and tax disc. In other region, when the start of production of your reservation nears, we will create an order for your vehicle and you will receive a final purchase price of the vehicle, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees.

Prices may change from time to time but we will endeavor to give at least one month’s notice on this website before doing so.

Order Process: Following your reservation, we will contact you 8 weeks before the production of your reserved vehicle giving you the chance to specify the final colour and other configuration options of your vehicle and confirm your order. A deposit of $500/£500/€500 (minus the reservation fee already paid) will be required to confirm your order, at which point your order becomes binding and non-refundable. We will then send you a Purchase Agreement indicating the cost breakdown, VAT, delivery fees and Terms & Conditions of Sale. You are still able to make changes to your reservation prior to the vehicle entering production. The deposit will be credited towards the final vehicle price.

Non-Transferable: Your Reservation is not-transferable to another party without the prior formal written approval from Zapp.

Additional Information: We may ask you to provide additional information so that we can perform our obligations under this terms & conditions. Your personal information will be maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions: By clicking the “Reserve £100”/”Reserve €100”/”Reserve $100” button, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to this Reservation Terms and Conditions as all as the Terms and Conditions of Use of Our Website; Privacy and Cookies Policy and Disclaimer. In addition, when making a reservation and order, your reservation will also be subjected to our Terms &Conditions of Sale and Delivery Policy.

We will contact you closer to the delivery date regarding final price, financing options, insurance, extended service and warranty packages.

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